The Caitlin County Hemp Wars



Caitlin County
Hemp Wars


How this musical came to be written


My first awareness of Industrial Hemp came about while writing a report for a textile class at RISD continuing ed. I read an article about the restoration of the U.S.S. Constitution, “Where’s the Hemp”, sent away for fabric samples, and learned everything I could about this topic – read the Great Book of Hemp, visited the Hempest, a local clothing store, and studied the many useful applications of this plant. Industrial Hemp is a cousin of the marajuana plant, but contains almost no THC, so why, with its long history and many uses, was it made illegal to grow in this country?
My partner and I went to see a documentary about Hemp. The next day, he wrote a short story – “The Caitlin County Hemp Wars”. That is how this musical began.  – TC
P.S. Special thanks to Anne, Lorna, Thierry, and of course Don, for ongoing support. Jay Scheide for teaching me how to write notes. And Buffie Groves, dramaturg and music consultant extraordinaire. Thanks also to Chad Gray, Ben Green, Haim Mazar, Neara Russel, Petros Sakelliou, and Joel Sindelar for additional help along the way.

About Us

Terry Crystal
Wrote music and lyrics for ‘The Caitlin County Hemp Wars’.  Artist Manager and co-founder of Rising Earth Productions.

Don DiVecchio
Poet, playwright, and creator of stories. Wrote the dialog and original story for ‘The Caitlin County Hemp Wars’. Author of  ‘Eleven Ways to Change the World’ and co-founder of Rising Earth Productions.

About Hemp
Hemp Facts

Learn about the many uses of Industrial Hemp.

-click here for ‘Brief American History’




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