The Caitlin County Hemp Wars

Diversionary tactics
Neighboring farmers create a crop circle diversion.

We are creating a diversion
We are creating a subversion
When we present to you our version
Of a truth you will not find
We are creating an illusion
We are creating mass confusion
No you don’t have a contusion
We are messing with your mind

Are we right
To masquerade
To put on this charade
Who are we fooling

We are creating a sensation
Providing endless fascination
We present an education
Of another kind
What we are doing is delicious
If indeed it is pernicious
Should they not be all suspicious
They would be blind

Are we wrong
To mislead this way
We can only say
We hope that they believe it

Do we now have your attention
What we believe is our contention
Are we right to go out on the limb
For family and friends
We’d do it all again!


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