The Caitlin County Hemp Wars

Courtroom Cowboy

The Hendricks family have their day in court.
The lawyers present their respective cases to the judge.
Evy, Cora, and Helen sing:


She walked into the courtroom
With a feeling of pride
Put her briefcase on the table
Had her clients by her side
Said hello to the gallery
With a nod of her head
Said hello to the judge
With a smile

A-men Amen
We hang on her words
She’s our lawyer our friend

So slick with your words
So quick on the draw
You proceed to impress them
With the arguments of the saw
You target your oponent
Bring him into your sights
You slay them with your words
Till they know you are right

A-men A-men
We hang on her words
She’s our lawyer our friend

We are glad you’re our attorney
Our life in your hands
We gladly entrust you
With the law of the land
If the law is proved right
Then justice is dead
If you kill them with your words
We’ll be free once again



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