The Caitlin County Hemp Wars


Last verse from 2009 Workshop   (video)
Full song from 2008 reading (MP3)

We started this here family
We founded this here farm
From morning until sundown
We work the ground we’re on
We cherish what god gave us
The land and what we sow
To give this to our children
We hope this joy they know
We’re the parents
We’re the founders of this farm

Ain’t easy getting by these days
We’re all out on a limb
Competing with the big guys
Survival’s always dim
We bicker with each other
‘Bout saving this here land
So we can make a living
From the sweat of our own hands
We are brothers
We’re the workers of this land

We cook the meals and clean the house
We work out on the farm
We care for all the children
Even when their gone
We’ve been there for our husbands
When things don’t look so good
We hold the place together
Like no one else here could
We’re the wives
We’re the mothers of this farm

We plough the land
We till the soil
And when our work is done
We go out to the local bar
And have a little fun
We wonder what we’re doing here
Saving this here land
Will take a major miracle
To keep it in our hands
We’re the children
The third generation
Of this farm

We argue about everything
On nothing we agree
We know what’s right ’bout everything
It’s just that they don’t see
Our life here it ain’t easy
‘Bout this much they got right
We make it even harder
With every little fight
We are family
We are family
Yes we are!


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