The Caitlin County Hemp Wars

Planting the seeds

Last song in first act.
The Hendricks family plants a Hemp crop with the help of Shelly’s friends.

Last verse from Workshop  (video)
First verse from ‘roots’ demo  (MP3

We are planting the seeds for our salvation
Don’t know where we are going, but there’s no turning back
We have played by the rules, and it’s time to move on
We have only our dreams to guide us
Carry us Lord, to the place in our souls
Carry us far, to the place unknown
We are here for each other in our struggle to survive
We are planting the seeds for our home.

We try and we try
But got nothing to show
We try and we try
It’s all happening too slow
The obsticals enormous
Impediments too big
What can you do
When you’re dealing with a pig.
Oink, Oink.
Oink, Oink.

It eats everything in sight
Devours the nation
When it’s done with its meal
It’s time for a libation
What’s next?
What’s next?

The countries of the world
They don’t know whats coming
It’s the greenhouse gasses
Gonna get you where you rhyme
But there’s something we can do
That don’t have people running
We can change the world
Before we run out of time
Got Hemp!
Got Hemp!
Got Hemp!
Got Hemp!


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