The Caitlin County Hemp Wars

Take a stand

Miguel confesses his love to Shelly and proposes marriage.
Last verse from 2008 Reading   (video)
First verse ‘roots’ demo (MP3)

Just a wand’ring man
Stumbling in the dark until I met you
Then you came along
Now I see the sun on the trees
Know you love me too
Even though your fam’ly disagrees
I’m the one for you
Feels so right I’m down on my knees

Take a stand
Let yourself be led by your heart
Take my hand
I will help you make a new start

Seasons come and go
Springs the time when we can do some planting
Let your fam’ly go
They will be there even if you stray
Summer comes along
That’s the time we reap what we sow
Tell your fam’ly “no”
To the hand that they would have you play

Winter’s come and gone
Take me in your arms, don’t send me packing
Please don’t get me wrong
I just simply wanted to know
Will you be my wife
Stand together in the rain and sunshine
Help each other grow
Love each other our eternal life



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