The Caitlin County Hemp Wars

Want to be me

Shelly shares angst with her best friend Dianne and launches into song.
Here is the song:

MP3 from staged reading
MP3 from ‘roots’ demo

In a land far away
All the children come and play
No one tells them what to do
And they go their merry way. 

All my life was told just what to think
All my life they made my choices for me
What happens if I don’t agree
With the thoughts they’re feeding me
Seems as if they got a master plan
Tell the world exactly who I am
Made in their image
To live just like them
It pains to disagree

Won’t you wipe those fears away
Just want to be myself today
If you fall down on your faith
Tomorrow brings another day.

Gave me all your love when I was young
Sacrificed to give me what I have
You made me everything I am
Told me I can do all that I can
Now you want me back home on the farm
Afraid that I will only come to harm
Should I follow my dreams
Go where life takes me
Just let me live and set me free.


They don’t like the man that I have chose
Say that he is not the one for me
Their comments leave me out there in the cold
Don’t know what to do or what to be
Everything I care about dismissed
Guess that they will never understand
Want to live my own life
Shouldn’t need their approval
Just want to be who I am



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