The Caitlin County Hemp Wars

Men in black
Hendricks family harvests crop, while neighboring farmers (and Cora) create a diversion.

This is the story
of a family and their farm
What they did to save it
So it wouldn’t come to harm
They grew a plant
Was illegal, that they knew
But to save their farm
They’d try anything

So they grew a hemp crop
They knew it was a risk
That the men in black
Might arrest them

Their friends all helped
When harvest time came in
The family worked fast
To put the crop into bins
When granny got wind
That the feds were closing in
She hopped on a moterbike
To distract them

Catch me if you can boys
Says our granny to the men
The men on their moterbikes
Coming for them
She picks up a hemp leaf
And leads them on a chase
So they won’t see her family
Loading up the crates

They are loading the hemp crop
Got to be quick
Or the men in black will arrest you

Go… Granny…Go

Granny on her moterbike
Takes them for a ride
Takes them through the hillside
Knows just where to hide
She breaks for nothing
The wind on her face
Cause the men behind her
Are fast keeping pace

Back at the farm
They are finishing the job
All the hemp is in the truck
And they are ready to depart
With Bill at the steering wheel
Shelly by his side
They are making the trip to Wisconson

Go… Billy…Go

He got one hundred yards
But got stopped by the Feds
Had to open the trailer
Take a look, the man says
When they opened up the crates
And the men saw the crop
They put them in handcuffs
And led our family off

They were loading the hemp crop
Got to be quick
Or the men in black
Will arrest you


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